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Download Panda Antivirus 2018 For Free

Download Panda Antivirus Download Panda Antivirus Download Panda Antivirus Download Panda Antivirus Download Panda Antivirus Download Panda Antivirus Download Panda Antivirus Download Panda Antivirus
Download Panda Antivirus

Download Panda Antivirus 2018 For Free 

Nowadays, your computer is considered your safe, it carries your important data, websites accounts, credit card data and much more, so it would be -literally- a catastrophe if your computer has been hacked or infected with a malware.

So a well-programmed malware may turn your life into an advanced version of hell!

Accordingly, you should take protecting your computer more seriously, choose your antivirus more wisely, and update its database regularly.

The Hard Equation.

With its advanced abilities, Panda Free Antivirus managed to solve the hard equation, as it has automatic updates, automatic USB protection and much more features with zero cost.

Download Panda Antivirus

Download Panda Antivirus is an anti-virus application created by Spanish IT security company Panda security SL.

“However complex, We make it simple” -Panda security.

Launched the first antivirus in 1998, Panda security managed to make its way through cyber-security like a hot knife through butter since then till now, as it was ranked among the fastest growing companies in Europe since 1997.

Download Panda Antivirus
Download Panda Antivirus

And also Panda security was able to get itself in the top 100 ranking of European software companies in 2015, with over than 30 million users distributed throughout more than 180 countries.

Which means that this the company you could depend on when it comes to protecting your data against malware.

Download Panda Antivirus features and Pros.

  • Automatic updates:
    Panda Free Antivirus provides database updates which means that you will be protected against the latest threats and malware.
  • Being a Panda doesn’t mean that it’s heavy:
    Panda Free Antivirus is a lightweight software which doesn’t consume all of your machine’s resources and let you protected but frozen!
  • Workaholic !
    Panda Free Antivirus works continuously in the background as it monitors and analyzes all of the running processes.
  • Web monitoring:
    Surf the internet safely and dive as deep as you want without getting infected or hacked with this premium function that Panda offers it for free.
    The process monitor can analyze URLs that internet-connected processes are trying to access and block potentially harmful sites such as phishing sites and other known harmful sites.
  • Real-time USB protection:
    Plug in your USB without needing to worry about viruses, worms, and trojans as well as spyware, adware, and other types of malware and potentially unwanted programs which may be hidden or bundled in legitimate software products, Panda Free Antivirus always catch them like a magnet.
  • On-Access Scanning:
    Panda Free Antivirus continuously scans your files and monitors background processes as long as your system is running, it also scans the latest downloaded files from the internet or even from e-mails.
    Also, you can perform full system scan or only scan critical areas or define your custom scan by selecting various folders and locations to analyze.
  • Intelligent !
    Panda Free Antivirus is smart enough to detect the virus depending on its malicious behavior even if it’s not included in the database.

Disadvantages and Cons.

  • Phishing protection is not developed very well.
  • Slows down the system during setup.
  • Contains ads which are pretty acceptable, as the program is free, and those ads keep the company continue developing and provides them with funds.
Download Panda Antivirus
Download Panda Antivirus

Tell us about any other disadvantage you find while you’re using Panda Free Antivirus.

Panda Free Antivirus v.18.0.0 is a more stable version with fewer ads than before, it worths trying.

Panda Free Antivirus is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

Minimum requirements:

  • 500 MHz processor
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 100 MB free space
  • It also needs an internet connection.

After Knowing a little about it, are you ready to change your protection system?
Download Panda Free Antivirus now, and let us know your opinion about it.

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