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SoundFlower For Mac Download – Give Access to audio in another application!

SoundFlower For Mac Download – Give Access to audio in another application!

soundflower for mac download
Soundflower For Mac Download


SoundFlower is an open-source project for OS X system, which allows the users to make a virtual audio device and use it as an input for other applications.

At first, Cycling ‘74 create and develop the project, but in 2014, Cycling ‘74 give the administrative access to Rogue Amoeba.

The later didn’t have the time to upgrade or develop the project.

In 2015, the original developer got it back, and you can access the project now on GitHub here.

It is open-source, so it has been and will be free to Download at any time.


soundflower for mac download
soundflower for mac download

About SoundFlower For Mac:-

This is an extension for Mac, which can easily give applications the ability to share audios without any other tools.


SoundFlower For Mac Download And Install:

  1. Go to SoundFlower project on GitHub and download it.
  2. Open your download directory.
  3. Open DMG for the installer (the file you have just downloaded).
  4. Double click on the SoundFlower Restart your Machine if it asks to (it is necessary)
  5. You will find SoundFlower now in your System Sound Preference.


soundflower for mac download

If you can’t Open the installer package, Hold “alt” key and right click on the package, choose open.

This step will allow you to choose whether you want to open it anyway or just refuse to install it.

 SoundFlower For Mac Download

How To Use SoundFlower For Mac?

  • 1st: SoundFlower For Mac Download :
    You had to find an extension that is capable of receiving an audio from application1 and send it to application2.
    SoundFlower, the Cycling ‘74 open source project is that extension.
    For example, you can take audio from your media player and use it as an input to your recorder.
  • 2nd: Make SoundFlower Ready!
    Install SoundFlower! Then, open your system Sound Preference – There you will find SoundFlower can be used as a channel -.
    Open the output tab and click on SoundFlower (2ch), this will make your system speakers outputs channeled by SoundFlower.
    Attention! This step will use ANY sound – not only the intended one –
    For Example, the notifications sound of your system will be captured too.
  • 3rd: Set Up an application to Capture:
    Use QuickTime Player to capture the output of SoundFlower.
    Choose New Recording Audio for the File list.
    Then, click on the Down Arrow (at the Right Side), click on SoundFlower (2ch).
    You can start now by clicking the Record button.
  • 4th: Listen to what you are capturing!
    Can’t you hear anything coming out from your system Speakers?
    Go to Applications/SoundFlower, and Open SoundFlowerbed.
    For SoundFlowerbed Menu, you can select your output device (speakers or headsets .. etc).
    After this step, you can hear and capture the outcoming audio as well, this will allow you to monitor what you are recording to avoid mistakes.

 soundflower for mac download

Using your system output into another application isn’t that hard.

SoundFlower For Mac Download will make it much easier.
After installing SoundFlower you can reroute your audio output through other application in a few clicks.

Having Problems Channeling audios on Mac? Download SoundFlower Now!

For Download

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